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Man tries to eat and drink on a roller coaster, on The Feed!

Man tries to eat and drink on a roller coaste... 01:17

Some of the latest and greatest viral videos include the reason why dining is not allowed on roller coasters and a rescued baby manatee drinking milk from a bottle.

First up, YouTube stars Dudesons, a group of four funny Finnish fellas known for their pranks and stunts, ask the question: "Why aren't we allowed to eat and drink on roller coasters?" It's a question that didn't really need a definitive answer, but, after you watch this video, you'll be glad we have one.

And, the baby manatee in this video from RLWSNOOK410 is an orphan and likely would have died in the wild without a mother. So, it was brought to a rescue facility in Iquitos, Peru, to live out its days in a milk-filled wonderland.

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