Marines Meet Heavy Resistance From Taliban

a marine from jump platoon takes cover from taliban sniper fire in marjah, afghanistan

NATO troops are meeting heavy resistance as the major offensive against Taliban forces in southern Afghanistan enters its second week, reports CBS News Correspondent Mandy Clark.

As the Marines in 3rd battalion's Jump platoon began a recent routine re-supply mission, the unit drove down a narrow road in Marjah heading for Kilo company with fresh supplies and - most importantly - mail from home when the lead vehicle hit a roadside bomb. Special Report: Afghanistan

Jump platoon's trucks are Mine Resistant, Ambush Protected, or MRAPs for short, and that armor saved the lives of the five Marines who were in it.

That bomb was the forth improvised explosive device to hit an American convoy on that patch of road, and every time the bombs get bigger and more dangerous.

No one was injured in the attack, but the Marines were not going to leave the damaged MRAP so the convoy split up, and a small team stayed behind to secure the area. The Marines spent most of the day trying to pull the heavy vehicle out of the bomb crater.

As light started to fade, the Marines came under attack again.

The Taliban fighters had time to prepare this ambush. Well-hidden snipers aimed direct fire at the Marines, who, with a disabled vehicle and limited firepower, took cover.

After some time, the troops finally managed to pull out their damaged vehicle and the convoy headed back to base.

Despite everything that the enemy threw at them, the Marines had completed their mission.