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Mayor gets parking ticket, creates own space...and controversy

The mayor of Logansport, Ind. (above), got into a controversy about parking involving the local police. Wikipedia

(CBS/AP)LOGANSPORT, Ind. - In a megalopolis such as say, New York, people have been known to fall sleep in their cars just waiting for a parking space to open up.

Then there's the parking predicament in Logansport, Ind., where the mayor apparently didn't anticipate the reaction he might get, by creating a reserved parking space for himself.

Mayor Ted Franklin tells the Pharos-Tribune that he was ticketed by police when the nose of his Corvette was sticking into a no-parking zone. That's when he decided to solve the problem by designating a parking space at the City Building in an area previously reserved for police.

Frankllin put up a sign reading: "Mayor Parking Only."

Bad move politically, and parking-ly.

Mayor Franklin says because of all the media attention the issue had become a "distraction" now he's decided to convert the space he'd reserved for himself at the a parking spot for handicapped individuals.

Franklin says it's time to grow up and to "stop playing the game."

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