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McCain Leaves Hospital After Surgery

Sen. John McCain smiled and joked Friday as he left the hospital where he underwent surgery to treat a benign enlargement of his prostate.

The Arizona Republican said his surgery at the Mayo Clinic Hospital went well and that he was planning to rest at his Phoenix home during the weekend. He expects to be on hand in Washington when the Senate convenes next week.

"It's a fairly routine thing for an old guy like me," said McCain, who turned 65 on Wednesday, the same day he had the surgery.

He said he received calls from President Bush and several colleagues while he was in the hospital. McCain also joked about a lack of privacy while undergoing treatment. McCain's ailment received widespread coverage.

During the operation Wednesday, enlarged prostate tissue blocking McCain's urethra was cut away.

Enlargement of the prostate is common among older men and can lead to urinary difficulties.

Doctors also broke up stones that had accumulated in McCain's bladder because the prostate was large enough to prevent the bladder from emptying completely. That procedure is routine and helps guard against urinary tract infections.

McCain said his doctors recommended that he abstain from any heavy lifting during his recovery period.

He reiterated that the treatment had nothing to do with the skin cancer diagnosed last year.

The former candidate for president underwent surgery in August 2000 to remove melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer, from his temple and upper arm. McCain's office said checkups since then have found no further signs of cancer.

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