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McCartney: I Saw Twin Towers Burn

Sir Paul McCartney's latest release isn't a song, but a book about his most successful tour since his days with the Beatles.

Inspired by the U.S. terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, McCartney's world tour in 2002 and 2003 proved to be his biggest solo tour ever, as he performed before millions.

Never-before seen photographs and memories from that tour have been documented in his new book, "Each One Believing," which was created by McCartney as a record and special keepsake for fans. The book is in stores on Monday.

McCartney tells The Early Show co-anchor Hannah Storm via satellite from London that he saw the Twin Towers burn from the tarmac of New York's Kennedy airport on Sept. 11, 2001.

"We weren't allowed to leave because the airport was closed. So we spent some time in Long Island and really went through the whole experience with New Yorkers, with American people, and it was decided in the end that we would try and do a concert for New York, which we did."

McCartney says after the concert a lot of people stopped him in the streets to say, "'Thanks for what you did. It was great what you did.'"

One of the highlights of the tour was playing in Red Square during McCartney's first-ever trip to Russia.

"That afternoon, we had been to the Kremlin and we had been shown around by President Putin, so that was amazing enough," he recalls. When he played the Beatles song "Back in the USSR," "The crowd, they went crazy. We had to do it twice. They really went crazy, but it was such a joy, you know? Seeing Putin rockin' away to it. It was pretty cool."

The book has many pictures of McCartney and his new wife, Heather. "Someone like myself, you know, is very lucky to get a second chanc,e really. Because after having lost Linda, it was such a tragedy in my life, I wasn't sure whether I would find a good woman again. And there it was, you know? I met Heather. We fell in love. And she came on the tour with me. And it was just great to have her along. You know? It's great to have a good woman. It's great to be in love. And she's great support. She is a pretty cool gal."

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