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McConnell: UAW Is 'sticking Point'

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell unified Republicans this time on the bailout, and is seeking to blame the United Auto Workers for failing to give greater concessions.

Here's his full statement from last night:

"This has been a challenging exercise for everyone involved on both sides.

“We all remember, just a couple of months ago, we were called upon to rescue the American financial system. At the end of the day, after a few fits and starts, 74 out of 99 senators present thought it was a good idea to do that.

“It was a vote that we all proudly cast from our individual seats, and most of us supported it. It was a broad bipartisan vote supported by the two Presidential candidates as well.

“Now we've moved into a very tricky and challenging area and that is a sort of industry by industry rescue. And we've had before us the whole question of the viability of the American automobile manufacturers.

“None of us want to see them go down but very few of us had anything to do with the dilemma that they've created for themselves.

“And so the question was: is there a way out?"
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