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Mike Rowe of "Dirty Jobs" says he pulled shotgun on drone filming him naked

Mike Rowe, host of “Dirty Jobs,” wants to be the first to leak the news that there may be a naked video of him circulating somewhere. 

The TV personality took to Facebook to explain that he was sleeping naked when he woke up and spotted a drone outside his window last Tuesday morning. 

He wrote that he was so angry by the invasion of privacy that he wanted to shoot it down and grabbed his shotgun and went out to the deck. 

Rowe said he almost shot it down until he saw the camera turn toward him. 

“It was pointed directly at me, and in that moment -- I froze,” he wrote. He explained that he stopped because he didn’t want to be seen as an “angry b-list celebrity.”

“What stopped me was the realization that somewhere nearby, a drone operator was staring at his monitor, pondering the image of a very naked guy with a very familiar face, pointing a shotgun into the lens of his Go Pro and looking every bit as crazy as Gary Busey and Nick Nolte at the nadir of their careers,” said Rowe. “I froze, because I could see the video that might very well appear on the local news, (with considerable blurring, naturally.) The same video that might soon appear on my mother’s computer screen, along with the headline -- ‘Dirty Jobs Guy Totally Loses It -- Gets Naked and Shoots Drone From San Francisco Skies.’”

One thing Rowe did shoot? A photo of the drone with his phone. He wants his fans to know: “If the unthinkable occurs -- that you can all say you heard it here first … ” 

He even has that headline ready. 

Leave Me Adrone! Early this morning, deep in the middle of some sort of strange gardening dream, I was awakened by the...

Posted by Mike Rowe on Tuesday, September 20, 2016
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