Miss. woman claims she was sold wrong house

Terry Jordan in front of the house she thought she purchased. She actually bought the house next door.

(CBS News) A Mississippi woman got the surprise of her life after she bought a foreclosed home, fixed it up and then was told she actually bought another house.

Terry Jordan, of Tate County, Miss., spent thousands renovating a home in Senatobia, Miss., with her unemployed husband. Jordan told CBS Memphis station WREG they replaced the home's roof, repaired electrical wiring and plumbing, among other renovations. The couple planned to sell the home for a profit.

But as it turns out, she legally bought the property next door.

Jordan said that she had the property surveyed, after seeing records at City Hall that didn't look quite right. After the survey, she learned the bad news from her realtor.

(Watch the WREG report below.)

Jordan told WREG, "(The realtor's) like, 'I don't know how to tell you this, but we might have sold you the wrong house.'"

The realtor blames the mortgage company for giving them incorrect information.

Jordan says she has been waiting for a solution for months.