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Mixed media meets dubstep in new music videos from Pogo and Eclectic Method

(CBS News) Two of my favorite modern mixed media artists have both put out new music videos that take television and movies and convert them into an Internet favorite: dubstep! To start things off, I present Pogo's latest work entitled "Scoobystep" in the video above. Take a look and listen.

Pogo (aka Nick Bertke)has been featured here on The Feed multiple times for his creative takes on media and music, most recently with his brilliant spin on the legendary, classic movie "The Wizard of Oz" in his work entitled "Wizard of Meh" (where we actually got to finally see the artist).

And up next, in our other corner, with multiple appearances here on The Feed and weighing in with an amazing mix of fists, kicks and dubstep music, we have the latest from the always-amazing Eclectic Method entitled "Fight Dub".  Let's get ready to rumble!  Or else watch some awesome fight scenes from movies made into music.  Whichever one you prefer.  Hope you all enjoy!

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