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Mixed Verdict for Sex-for-Tickets Wife

A Philadelphia woman accused of offering sexual favors for World Series tickets has been found not guilty of prostitution, but guilty of attempted prostitution.

Susan Finkelstein, 44, took the stand during her trial in Bucks County Court. She said she placed an ad on Craigslist with sexual overtones, but that she's not a prostitute.

The ad had some apparent double entendres. It described, in part, a "gorgeous, tall, buxom blonde ... in desperate need" of the tickets.

Finkelstein says she placed a "goofy" ad on Craigslist and she did hope to use her "feminine wiles" to get tickets.

"I wanted to get Series tickets I could afford," she told "Early Show" co-anchor Harry Smith in late October. " ... I work in communications and PR (public relations). ... I wanted my ad to stand out" among ones soliciting customers for merchandise ... (do) why not make it fun and witty?"

Authorities allege Finkelstein met with an undercover Bensalem police officer in October and offered to perform sexual acts in exchange for tickets to the World Series between the Phillies and New York Yankees.

But she says she never offered sexual favors as part of the bargaining.

"The jury was able to see the facts," Assistant District Attorney Steven Jones told reporters, "and understand what this case was. It was exactly what we said it was. (She) attempted to exchange sex acts for World Series tickets."

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