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Monica Pitches A Fit

Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky chewed out the staff and some patrons during lunch at a chic Manhattan restaurant, the Daily News reported Wednesday.

Witnesses said Lewinsky was furious when the couple at the next table began laughing Tuesday while she talked on her cell phone at Gino's, an Italian restaurant on the Upper East Side.

"Do you find this funny?" Lewinsky reportedly barked at the pair.

"As a matter of fact, I do," the neighbor reportedly replied.

Lewinsky and her luncheon companion, a woman believed to be her mother, Marcia Lewis, then tried to leave, the newspaper said.

When she noticed a photographer at the door, Lewinsky turned around, marched back inside, and upbraided the staff, witnesses said.

"She came storming back in the restaurant," said Cindy Bulson, 30, a fellow diner. "She brushed by me and said, 'Excuse me!' and headed straight toward the manager."

While Lewinsky's fit may have raised hairs and eyebrows, it satisfied the curiosity of those who had never heard her voice.

"She sounds normal, not like a little girl's voice," said Ginny Clarke, 26, who works at a Manhattan law firm. "She has a mature voice, but not deep."

Lewinsky, who wore a baseball cap and dark sunglasses, also has been spotted this week shopping at Bloomingdale's department store and dining with a party of 12 at the venerable restaurant 21.

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