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Monica's Voice? Hear Here!

Monica's Voice? Hear Here!
The House released more than 22 hours of Linda Tripp's secretly taped conversations with Monica Lewinsky on Nov. 17, 1998. What does her voice add to the text of her testimony? Hear her speak for yourself, and see what CBS News Correspondent Eric Engberg says about Tripp's other conversations.
CBS News Correspondent Eric Engberg Reports On Linda Tripp
The Excerpts:
". . . I'm fed up. [Currie's] my lifeline."
". . . I never expected to feel this way for him."
". . . Please let me come see you [Bill]."
". . . I don't want to call the creep and Betty liars, but . . ."
Tripp: ". . . No wonder he likes phone sex with you."
". . . He won't call. He doesn't understand."
". . . I can't take it anymore."
". . . Hi, Handsome." [Monica's tape to Clinton]
". . . My mom's big fear is, he's gonna send somebody out to kill me."
". . . I have zero respect for Paula Jones."
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