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Monitor Site Status with Are My Sites Up?

Think what would happen if your Web site crashed Friday afternoon and you didn't find out about it till Monday morning. Lost business? Disgruntled customers? Some muckraking blogger claiming you've closed your doors? Whatever the outcome, a down site is bad news.

Are My Sites Up? helps you keep tabs on one or more Web sites and notifies you if they stop working. And now there's an iPhone app for easier monitoring and administration of your sites. Here's a video of the app in action, plus some info on the service and its pricing plans. (Good news: There's a freebie option.)

After you sign up for an account, AMSU checks your site at least 25 times per day (more if you upgrade to a premium plan). If it detects a problem, it notifies you (with error codes when possible) via e-mail and/or SMS.

A free AMSU account lets you monitor up to five sites. There are three premium plans available, each offering an increasing number of sites and features. The Standard plan, for example, costs $25 annually and includes 25 sites, the iPhone app, instant site checks via RSS, and ad-free account access.

Bump up to the 50-site Plus plan ($50 annually) to add Twitter integration and RSS-fed site reports. The 100-site Pro plan ($75 annually) nets you premium-level tech support and keyword-specific site monitoring.

If all this sounds a little familiar, you might be thinking of the Jott-powered UptimeVoice service we wrote about many moons ago. Alas, it's now defunct, but Are My Sites Up? looks like a stellar replacement. I think the pricing is more than reasonable for even the smallest businesses, and the iPhone app is a decidedly handy extra. Check it out:

Whether you're a Webmaster, site administrator, IT person, or some business-owning combination of the three, Are My Sites Up? is definitely worth a look. It simply and efficiently saves you money by helping to reduce site downtime. [via iPhone Atlas]

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