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Motherboard Implants

Hello, tech support.

Hi, I just got one of your great new video boards, and I'm having a little problem with the installation.

How far have you gotten with it? Is the board installed?

Well, no. That's my first problem, I guess. I can't get the old video card out.

Well all you have to do is disconnect the monitor and remove the screw on top of the card.

I did that, but the card won't come out.

Sometimes it does require a little bit of a tug.

Do you think the silicone might be stopping it?


Well, I used silicone caulk to keep the slots from rusting. I put it around the edges and in those empty ones to protect the metal contacts.

Who told you to do that?

I do a lot of handy work and it works with most things. It just makes sense.

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