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Weekly commentary by CBS Evening News anchor and Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer.

Watch Bob read his poem, "Mothers"

What's to say about Moms that hasn't been said before?
Here's just a couple of things, maybe three or four.

When you were just a little one,
Who was it that taught you a song?
And even more important,
The difference tween right and wrong?

When others turned against you,
Who was always there?
Who always took your side
No matter when or where

If you're like me it was Mom.

Who kept the family going
Whether times were good or not?
Who always could remember
The things that we forgot

Birthdays, homework deadlines
a hundred things or more
And on school days, wide awake or not
got you up and out the door.

If you're like me it was Mom.

Who told you were were just as good
As any rich man's son?
So don't go look for some excuse
Not to do what you want done.

You've known movers and shakers
Some may even know you.
But in the final accounting,
Who taught you most that's true?

If you're like me it was Mom.

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By Bob Schieffer
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