Mount Everest Links

If you're interested in the world's tallest hill, the Web has mountain of information on Everest. We've gathered some of the best sites below.

Tom Whittaker's Web Page: Before you start your climb, learn more about Tom Whittaker, who is not only a mountaineer, but a college professor and corporate speaker. Find out what he's been up to since climbing Everest.

Mountain Zone: The Mountain Zone is a good source for online Everest coverage. The site contains a directory of all the stories related to Mount Everest, from live cybercasts of actual climbs, to interviews and profiles of climbers, scientific information, an array of features, and all related books and products.

The Mountain Inn: A comprehensive resource site for climbers and mountaineers, The Mountain Inn offers free email, a list of mountain and climbing clubs, travel and accommodation information broken down by region, plus salient facts about mountains all over the world. Its large message board contains a variety of postings regarding upcoming expeditions and climbs.

Infoplease Everest Almanac: Infoplease's guide to Mount Everest contains a timeline, a reading list, and a series of news articles on the expeditions and people who've made Everest history. Also, a small section of Everest trivia will tell you how much you know about the world's highest peak. Provided in a variety of languages, is an incredibly wide-ranging Web site that covers everything from Everest news, tours, guides, books, and videos to mortality statistics on the people who've attempted to reach the peak. From commercial expeditions to private tours, is an invaluable resource.

Nepal Information: This is a wonderful source for all information on Nepal. From arts and culture to government listings, the Nepal Home Page even contains a search engine by which the contents can be broken down to the most specific Nepal inquiries.

Everest Millennium: Find out about a team that plans to reach the summit on January 1, 2000. Doing so will involve a winter climb, which is more difficult than climbing in warmer weather.