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Move Your Documents For Better Performance and Easier Backups

If your office computer is managed by an IT staff, odds are that your documents and files aren't located on your C: drive. Instead, "My Documents" is redirected to another location -- probably a network drive -- to improve your PC's performance and make it easier to do routine backups. If you manage your own files, you should do the same, especially if you have a small C: drive and worry that you might someday run out of room.

It's easy to move your documents to another drive. Just do this:

  1. Choose another location to host My Documents. Ideally, pick another physical drive on your computer, but a separate partition will do as well. Create a new folder there and name it My Documents.
  2. Right click on My Documents and choose Properties.
  3. Click Move.
  4. Navigate to the root of the new location you chose in Step 1 and select the empty My Documents folder you created.
  5. Click OK. When Windows asks if you want to move your files there, say Yes.
Your my Documents location will now work the same way it always has, so you can take advantage of the fact that most programs expect you to save your files there, but My Documents itself is now located in a better location.
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