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Mrs. Bush Calls For 'Fair' Vote

First lady Laura Bush says she has loved having a chance to campaign for her husband, but notes she is "absolutely not" prepared for an inconclusive result that drags on for weeks.

"I know that the American people want a free and fair election and I certainly hope that the election officials and all Americans will be really cooperative to make sure that's exactly what happens," she tells The Early Show co-anchor Rene Syler, in an interview taped Monday.

Mrs. Bush has been one of the most popular first ladies of all time, with polls showing almost 3 in 4 Americans hold a favorable view of her.

She says she has loved working on education issues, talking about reading, and advocating for the women of Iraq and Afghanistan. She notes that she is proud that Afghan women got to vote in the last election, a right they were denied under the Taliban.

"I've met with many women from Afghanistan who have come to the United States who are being mentored by American women, and I just really like that. That's been very - made me very happy."

Mrs. Bush says this campaign will be her family's last one, no matter what happens. "That's made it sort of nostalgic for me, actually."

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