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New action-packed "Game of Thrones" trailer: Watch here

I just read a review of the latest extended preview trailer released for season three's "Game of Thrones" by HBO, and in it, the writer warned fans that they might want to skip the trailer, "since it's pretty spoilery."

While it was nice of them to be so concerned, I must strongly disagree. I'm a huge "GOT" fan. I've never missed an episode, and don't plan to, but I was pretty confused by this trailer. Albeit, it was full of all the things we love best about "GOT" -- sex, violence, evil little kings, amazing little Dinklages, fighting, torture, mind-blowing costumes and scenery, dragons, and more sex -- I couldn't tell you what was going on in season 3 from this trailer if you paid me. Or maybe I'm just slow like Knight's Watchman, Samwell Tarly.

What we do know is that "Death is coming for everyone and everything." Well, hopefully not everyone, as we're still looking forward to a season 4.

Watch the action-packed preview below, and tell us what you think is going on. I'm dying to get your insight. In the meantime, we'll keep looking forward to more previews in anticipation of the March 31 premiere (9 p.m. ET).

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