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New Dad Concerns

Having a baby is amazing, so why is your guy freaking out? Jessica Hartshorn, Senior Lifestyle Editor for American Baby Magazine helps moms to uncover what he's worried about so you can help him get over his fears and enjoy being a dad.

It costs an average of $286,050 to raise a child until age 18. Moms can help new dads reign in money worries by setting aside time long before their due date to retool the family budget. Look for easy ways to trim expenses. Cut back on babysitting expenses by joining a baby-sitting co-op or getting creative with your work schedule.

Striking a balance is hard for any parent and dads find it especially difficult. Encourage your partner to ask about paternity leave with his boss as early as possible and try to take all the time he is entitled to. Remind him that employers want the work to get done and they're less concerned with when it gets done.

Feeding, bathing, diapering and soothing are completely new territory for dad. Give him a pep talk. Let him know that you're learning on the job too. Tell him to jump right in and not worry about screwing up.

Often the blow by making plans for each of you to have one night out a week while the other covers at home with the baby.

The first few months of parenthood take a toll on everyone, but they're a lot worse for moms. Moms still enjoy a degree of intimacy through their interaction with baby, but dads can feel like a third wheel. Dads that we talked to learned that the fastest route back to the bedroom was by doing chores!

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