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New Medical Web Sites Get Personal

An awful lot of people these days turn to the Internet for information about all kinds of medical conditions. Some of what you find is good....some is not. The best advice is ...consider the source. One new source, is called, where you'll find a great collection of links to credible information, and to tools such as the AMA's On-Line Doctor Finder, where you can check the background and credentials of licensed doctors around the country. What's really unique about the Medical Edge site, is something called the medical registry...where you can store your records on the web and wear a bracelet telling doctors in an emergency how they can be accessed...

"It indicates that it's a medical registry. It says for emergency medical history, online or fax back it has both the web address and the phone number."

Stanley Stern of Medical Edge says the cost of the service is a hundred dollars a year. Physician and broadcaster Dr. Dean Edell has another new medical site online at It offers a free personal email service...

"If, for instance, you have a particular problem that you're interested in or a disease that you have, we can email you weekly the latest stuff that's happening as it comes down the pike."

The site also offers analysis of your habits...and tells you the effects they could have on your life.

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