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Man who abused daughter for decades released from prison

A New Zealand man who sexually abused his daughter for more than two decades was released from prison Wednesday.

Ronald Van der Plaat, 82, started abusing his daughter when she was 9 and continued until she was 32, British newspaper The Independent reports.

The paper reported that Van der Plaat would rape his daughter while she was hanging by her ankles with her head locked in a box.

Van der Plaat received a 15-year prison sentence in 2001, according to The Independent. He was incarcerated until 2010, but he went back behind bars in 2012 after holding hands with a girl.

Now, Van der Plaat can't have any contact with anyone under 16 years old without the supervision of someone familiar with his history who was approved by Van der Plaat's probation officer.

He's also been banned from schools, parks and other places where children are likely to be. He can't own any recording equipment, and he must be monitored with GPS equipment for six months.

New Zealand authorities are trying to increase the monitoring to 10 years.

"There are real and just concerns in the community about the risk this man poses to the safety of vulnerable people given his appalling behavior and the circumstances when he was last released," Phil Twyford, the member of parliament for the Auckland suburb where Van der Plaat will be living, told the newspaper.

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