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Nick Offerman presents a slam poem tribute to bacon (that Ron Swanson would love)

(CBS News) Remember  last week when we showed you Rainn Wilson make an Internet meme involving Dwight Schrute become a reality? Of course you do. Good times, good times. Well, the good times are back with Nick Offerman of "Parks and Recreation" making a much-loved passion of his character Ron Swanson into a real-life slam poem. Check out this very fun ode to bacon.

Why am I suddenly hungry?  The witty sketch was posted by College Humor as a part of their ongoing Malarious series that brings comedy and celebrities together to fight the not-funny-at-all, very real problem of malaria.  For those missed it before, they write about the Malarious project:

30 celebrities. 24 videos. One cause. Millions of stupid, awful, disgusting mosquitoes. Pay a dollar, five dollars, or whatever you want, and watch these comedy stars do awesome things to help squash this awful disease.

We here at The Feed would like to give another big triple-rainbow salute to College Humor, Malaria No More and all of the celebrities involved in this worthwhile endeavor, along with a round of applause to Nick Offerman for this wonderful ode to bacon.  If you'd like to get some more laughs and help a great cause, be sure to go to College Humor's Malarious website by clicking here.
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