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No Breakup: Facebook, Zynga Commit For 5 Years

Quelling rumors of a breakup, Facebook and the company behind many of the most popular games on the social network say they've signed a five-year partnership that will keep "Farmville," "Mafia Wars" and "Cafe World" on the site.

Zynga's games are popular distractions on Facebook. The games have more than 230 million active users monthly. Of these, 65 million play every day, tending to virtual farms and aquariums, playing poker or taking out rival mob bosses. Zynga makes money by selling advertising and virtual goods for the games.

Facebook's user base, meanwhile is approaching 500 million. The companies aren't giving details on the partnership. But its existence should put to rest recent worries that Zynga was planning to leave Facebook for greener pastures, such as its own gaming site.

Caroline McCarthy of CNET writes that this announcement is "weighted with backstory and backstabbing." For more, you can read her piece by clicking here.

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