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"No Shave Home" Contest Continues

From left, Jake Barlow, Arden Farhi, Dave Price, Dennis Vera and Robert LaForty are all part of the "No Shave Home" challenge. CBS

By Arden Farhi

Before the trip began, I swore we wouldn't give Dave a lick of help. And we'll still abide by that promise - no help with food, lodging or transportation. But we're not immune to feeling a bit sympathetic to Dave's cause. So in that spirit, I present to you "No Shave Home: The Dave-Can't-Shave Solidarity Beard Contest."

Dave went razor-free on his journey in '09, and plans to go scruffy again this year. So as a sign of solidarity, we - his chase team - will follow suit.

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The rules are simple. You must be clean-shaven at the start of the trip and ditch your razor until Dave gets home. Pre-existing facial hair does not count.

Feel free to play along at home. We'll post updated mug shots as we go. Show us that you stand with Dave . . . or that you're lazy, too.

Mary Haynes (@Marytweet) will judge the beards at trip's end. To the winner: a shiny new razor, extra blades and the shaving cream of his choice, courtesy of the losers.

Your contestants are . . .


Jake Barlow, photographer

Arden Farhi, producer

Rob LaForty, producer

Dennis Vera, tech whiz

Judge: Hon. Mary Haynes, producer

The "No Shave Home" contest is neck and neck on Day 5. Producer and judge Mary Haynes says, "Looks like marine Dennis Vera is in the lead." Vera is fourth from left. CBS
"No Shave Home" Contest going strong on Day 4 from Yakima Airport in Washington State. CBS
In Day 3 of the "No Shave Home" contest, producer Mary Haynes says, "(The contest is) going strong - as the judge, I'd say Dave is in the lead." CBS
"No Shave Home" Day 2: Looks like Dave has an early lead in the "No Shave Home" contest, but there's still five days to go. Stay tuned for updates. CBS
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