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"No Way Home" Begins - But First We Prep

Working in Alaska, producers Arden Farhi and Mary Haynes email New York while photographer Jake Barlow documents. CBS

By Mary Haynes

Secret's out -- votes are tallied -- in Alaska. Dave is on his way.

I'm not really sure how Dave's going to get his way out of this state. Right now its only 20 degrees -- and it looks like snow tomorrow. Plus there's the "Branson Rule" -- he can't get a ride from ANYONE for more than 1,500 miles. From Anchorage to Seattle its 2400 mile drive.

Special Section: No Way Home

While we're waiting for Dave to land we did a lot today. Jake Barlow our photographer filmed some beauty shots. Arden and I got our computers and cameras in working order and the whole crew went shopping to prep for the week. Since we don't know what Dave's going to do, we're going to prepare for everything.

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