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No Way Home...Again!


By Dave Price

And so it begins. AGAIN. I can't believe it's been just over a year since the first time I embarked on "No Way Home."

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For anyone unfamiliar with how the trip works, in about two weeks, on Nov 12, I will be dropped off somewhere in the U.S. (out West), and I will have seven days to get home. All I will have with me are the clothes I bring, a computer, a mobile phone for voice and e-mail and video/camera equipment to help document the whole trip. Trailing me will be a few producers and a camera man to capture some of the moments at a distance and get me on the air every morning from wherever I happen to wind up.

As was the case last year, not an ounce of assistance -- not so much as a morsel of food, or a nickel of financial aid, will come from them. Only work (an honest day's work for an honest day's pay) and the kindness of others will have to suffice to get me from one side of the country to the other.

"No Way Home" had a profound impact on me last year -- and I hope on many of our viewers, as well. I was completely overwhelmed by seeing the beauty of our country from coast to coast and being the recipient of so much kindness from random strangers all across the U.S.

Last year, it was literally a combination of trains, planes and automobiles (along with tractor trailers and Winnebagos) that moved me across the country. Jobs like meat-packing in Nebraska and house-painting in Minneapolis put much-needed cash in my pocket. Along the way, I met amazingly ordinary -- and at the same time -- quite extraordinary people. I laughed a lot and was moved to tears more than a few times, too.

And all our viewers were along for the ride. I got e-mails and tweets at almost every hour of the day suggesting how I should go, when I should sleep, where I could earn a buck. I had remarkable offers of work and hospitality. What made it so special was that, so often, we hear about how the world is becoming so much less personal -- so much more "virtual" -- with people just wrapped up in their own little world or sucked in by their own computer screen.

I actually experienced the opposite: I learned how technology can really bring people together and make a really big country a lot smaller.

I can't wait to head back out across the country again starting on Nov. 12. I'm looking forward to making new friends and introducing them to you. I hope you'll help out or at least follow along!

I PROMISE it will be a great week and we'll all have a good time. I have to go pack.... More soon.

P.S. This year you can follow me on our website. And you can reach me on my Twitter page @earlyshowdave. You can also write in via e-mail at

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