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Norfolk Is In The Know

Just back from a brief visit to Norfolk, Virginia, a thriving community that is blessed - really blessed - by a large proportion of military personnel and their families.

I was reminded one more reason why such people can be such important members of their communities during our conversations.

These folks were very much on top of the news. They'd read, they'd studied, they'd thought and they'd analyzed.

They were especially well informed about international news. All too frequently, those of us who work in news are told that most Americans don't care about international news. It's "too foreign" or "a long way from Broadway."

According to market researchers and other alleged experts, the vast majority of Americans have to be convinced that anything outside our borders is relevant to their daily lives.

Yet the men and women of Norfolk already find international news to be relevant. After all, they and their loved ones are often among the first to be sent in harm's way, whenever there's trouble abroad. Understanding international news, is one means of understanding their own lives.

This reporter believes that's the case for most Americans. It's very hard, in the modern era, to find any news that isn't, in some way, going to have a direct impact on us.

The good people of Norfolk seem already to know that. And their whole community - service people and civilians - is stronger as a result. Something to think about.

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