Nothing To Do With Lipstick

Over in the Politics section, there's a real issue for the campaigns to deal with, and as Brian Montopoli reports, it has nothing to do with lipstick. It's Wall Street - tanking.

Both Obama and McCain are vying to take ownership of the economic issue, and are using very different approaches to doing so. You can read Brian's whole report here, or check out a preview below.

With 50 days left until Election Day, the battle for the presidency may have finally settled on a defining issue. And it has nothing to do with lipstick.

The collapse of financial industry titans Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch and subsequent stock market crash, just the latest pieces of bad economic news in a year that has been dotted with grim headlines, have forced the campaigns of Barack Obama and John McCain to put aside some of the more trivial aspects of the campaign and try to cast their candidate as most prepared to properly guide the economy.

"The issue is fraught with peril for both of them," said CBS News consultant and political strategist Joe Trippi. "Particularly with financial markets, you don't score points by creating panic. That's not what a presidential candidate does."

"You can make an alarmist statement and trigger an even bigger fall than is occurring," he continued. "Or you can go the way McCain did, which is try to help calm the markets, and be accused of not understanding how perilous the times are."

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