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Obama Health Care Speech Seen by 32 Million

5299270President Obama's primetime address Wednesday pressing a joint session of Congress to pass a health care reform bill was watched by 32 million viewers, according to Nielsen. That includes 21.2 million viewers across CBS, NBC and ABC. Special Report: Health Care

The ratings reflect an improvement of more than 7 million viewers over the viewership for the president's July 22nd primetime news conference on health care.

But it's 38.6 percent fewer viewers than the 52 million who tuned in for the president's first address to a joint session of Congress, on February 24th.

Fox was the only major network not to show the speech, opting instead to show "So You Think You Can Dance," which garnered 6.5 million viewers, down from the 8.3 million it got in its season premiere in May. It was the third time the network has chosen not to air one of the president's primetime addresses. (Fox News did carry the address.)

In a Thursday speech, the president reiterated the main points from the primetime address, joking that he was doing so "just in case folks weren't tuned in last night — if they were watching 'So You Think You Can Dance.'" He noted that it's "a show Michelle likes."

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