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Obama Hears Child's Lecture on Smoking

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama dance with students during a celebration of Divali at the Holy Name High School in Mumbai, India, Sunday, Nov. 7, 2010. AP/Charles Dharapak

As President Obama toured a Mumbai classroom exhibit on ecological challenges, he heard a lecture about the dangers of smoking.

The teenaged boy who delivered the lecture probably did not know that Mr. Obama is a longtime smoker.

Using an earnest delivery he told the president, "Today about 1.3 billion people all over the world smoke. And when a person smokes he exhales harmful pollutants into the air. These pollutants add to the gases and they also harm the smoker. "

The Occasional-Smoker-in-Chief did not have a direct response to the lesson, but described the overall discussion on global warming and other challenges "an example of where parents can learn from the children."

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