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Obama Will Meat With National Security Team Monday

Reports CBS News' National Security Correspondent David Martin:

President-elect Barack Obama will meet with key members of his national security team and members of the current administration -- Defense secretary Robert M. Gates, Secretary Of State pick Hillary Rodham Clinton, national security adviser selection James Jones, Joint Chiefs of Staff chair Adm. Mike Mullen, and possibly the Director of National Intelligence, Mike McConnell – on Monday in Chicago. Among other things, they are expected to discuss who will fill the second tier of appointments in the national security agencies.

The Defense transition team is wrapping up its work and is expected to finish by next week. Most of them will go back to where they came from, but about ten who are expected to have jobs in the next administration will remain.

McConnell was expected to be replaced by retired Admiral Denny Blair, but something on his disclosure form about his business interests since he left the Navy has slowed – if not derailed – the nomination.

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