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Obamas made more, but pay less than Bidens in taxes

WASHINGTON-- President Barack Obama paid more than $81,000 in taxes last year on adjusted gross income of more than $436,000. Their effective federal income tax rate was 18.7 percent.

That's according to income tax returns for Obama and his wife, Michelle. The White House released the returns Friday ahead of the April 18 federal filing deadline.

Obama also reported donating $64,000 to charity, or about 15 percent of their income.

His largest charitable donation - just over $9,066 - went to the Fisher House Foundation. The organization aids wounded service members and their families.

"The President signed into law legislation that extended tax cuts to middle class and working families while helping improve the country's fiscal health by requiring a greater contribution from the wealthiest Americans," wrote White House spokesman Josh Earnest in a blog post. "In 2015, as a result of his policies, the President was subject to limitations in tax preferences for high income earners."

Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, Jill, paid more than $91,500 in federal taxes last year on adjusted gross income of more than $392,000.

The Bidens reported $6,620 in donations to charity.

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