High school rivals team up to honor victims of the deadly Odessa shooting

The intense competition between Odessa and Permian High Schools inspired "Friday Night Lights," but the rival high schools are now on the same team, working together to help the victims of Saturday's shooting in their communities. A gunman killed seven people and left at least 22 others injured before officers killed him outside a movie theater.

Students were back at school Tuesday after the tragic weekend, where they lost one of their own. Leilah Hernandez, 15, is among the victims. She and her 18-year-old brother, Nathan, were both shot as they walked out of a car dealership.

Nearly 100 teens with clear eyes and full hearts are now planning a massive fundraiser for the families of the victims. To remember Leilah, students and staff at middle schools, high schools and even universities wore yellow.

To them, yellow represents support, community and hope. Rivals coming together with one message: Odessa Strong.

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