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An online art gallery that strips art world of its pretense

Online gallery strips away art world pretense
Online gallery strips away art world pretense... 02:10

Tze Chun is bringing the art gallery experience into the digital age -- and building a new generation of collectors while she's at it.

Uprise Art, founded in 2011, is an online art gallery catering to everyone from first-time art buyers to experienced collectors. 

"I started the gallery in 2011 when I saw there was a gap between working, creative artists who were looking to find an audience for their work and all my friends -- all young professionals living in New York and they didn't have access to original art," Chun told CBS MoneyWatch. 

But don't confuse the digital shopping experience with digital art. Uprise Art is the antidote to work that people consume exclusively online, on social media platforms including Instagram. Her gallery's mediums include painting, photography, mixed media, print, drawing and objects.

"We're really dedicated to showcasing original art that once it's in your home, you're able to see the texture and materiality and you build a much more intimate relationship with that piece," Chun said. 

Uprise Art strips the art world of its pretense, and sells work at entry level price points to make art collecting accessible to most. "We've really changed the way the art buying experience unfolds where a friendly team of art advisers will help you find artwork for really any space at any budget," Chun said. 

Its inclusive art buying model is flipping the industry on its head, according to Chun. "In many ways the art world has been always about working your way up this ladder and where your gallery is located, the real estate, a lot of pretense," she explained. "And we've really stripped that away and focused on what we think is most important which is supporting artists careers and helping people discover artwork that speaks to them and that they will continue to engage with over time."

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