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Online Caroline Petition Draws 240 Signatures

Caroline Kennedy now has a Facebook page with 1,392 members.

But an online petition hocking David Paterson to hire her for the Senate has garnered only about 240 takers despite a 10,000-signature goal -- and it's been up since Dec. 7th.

The Facebook page links to a home page, founded by a 20-something SUNY-Rockland student named Christopher Luis Cádiz Zambrana. It features the usual Kennedy-didn't-authorize-this-site disclaimer.

The petition:

"It's always been true that the people of New York demand the best; the state's unique position as the crossroads of the world calls for leaders of immense scope who posses the ability to represent the state as major national players. The people of New York also demand results, from public servants whose work ethic is matched only by their sense of the concerns of their constituents. What the people of New York demand is a stateswoman: a respected public figure with a profound vision for greatness."

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