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Find Out What Andy Rooney's Take Is On President Barack Obama

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The following is a weekly 60 Minutes commentary by CBS News correspondent Andy Rooney.

I've lived through the elections of a lot of American presidents, more than 10 I think, and about half the people I knew at the time hated one or the other of the two candidates.

You're probably too young to remember, but millions of Americans disliked Franklin Delano Roosevelt even though he was one of our greatest presidents. I was too young to know whether I liked him or not but my father was one of the people who hated Roosevelt.

Maybe I'm reading the wrong newspapers and listening to the wrong people but I'm not hearing anyone who hates Barack Obama. What's wrong with us anyhow? Have we gone soft? I hope that isn't what it is and I don't believe it is.

I think we've got ourselves a really good president with a funny name.

Every new president makes some changes in his first few days. For example, Obama has frozen the salaries of people in The White House who are making more than $100,000. I personally think that anyone as important to be advising our president in The White House deserves more than $100,000. I don't want him getting a lot of cheap advice.

Obama has put limits on lobbyists who infest Washington.

He reversed Bush's policy of making it hard to get information out of our government through the Freedom of Information Act.

In 1998 I tried to get the file the FBI has on me, something I said that an administration official didn't like. I didn't get the file. Maybe I'll try again.

Obama just looks good every time he does anything.

I hope he took time to have dinner with his wife and kids the other day.

Written by Andy Rooney