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paidContent - paidContent Quick Hits: 8.05.09

This story was written by Alex Ferreyra.

»  An attempt to explain CNBC’s 28 percent drop in audience over the past year. [Slate]

»  The new owners of The Pirate Bay plan to put the company on the NASDAQ—assuming pending lawsuits don’t sink the ship. [paidContent:UK]

»  ESPN (NYSE: DIS) is trying to curb the tweets, blogs and Facebook updates of its writers to prevent any news that could be breaking for the company from leaking out prematurely. [NY Times]

»  Acer computer founder Stan Shih says the company will be going into the e-reader business because the PC market is “maturing.” [Bloomberg]

»  The 128-page “Netflix (NSDQ: NFLX) Manifesto,” which highlights its internal corporate practices, is a hot read because of its “one hell of a recruitment pitch.” [TechCrunch]

»  If you search “internet pharmacy” on Bing, there’s a 90 percent chance any related search ads will lead you somewhere unsavory. [SearchEngineLand]

By Alex Ferreyra

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