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paidContent - paidContent Quick Hits: 8.10.09

This story was written by Joseph Tartakoff.

»  Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) has relaunched its Yahoo Deals website, saying that “penny-pinching is on the rise as individuals and families ride out the recession.” The new site features social and community features, so that visitors can comment on the latest offers. [Yahoo]

»  Toshiba—which had backed HD DVD—will now offer a wide range of products that support Blu-Ray. [CNET]

»  Do you read this site first thing in the morning? For an increasing number of families, morning routines now revolve around the internet. [New York Times]

»  Greg Sandoval argues that the ad supported music model has not worked, despite plenty of attempts. He also chronicles the fall of music startup SpiralFrog. [CNET]

»  The Boston Globe may become the latest newspaper to charge users to access its site. A spokesman says the company is conducting market research to determine how much visitors to its site would be willing to pay. [Associated Press]

»  Will Richmond says that if TV broadcasters have any hopes of making online video a significant revenue stream, they need to introduce a paid subscription model to Hulu quick. [Videonuze]

By Joseph Tartakoff

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