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paidContent - Report: Sony Aims For iPhone Crowd With PSP Game Pricing

This story was written by Tameka Kee.

Sony launched its new PSPgo handheld amid a ton of hype at E3, but most of the buzz swirled around how expensive it was. (Its $250 price tag is almost $100 higher than the best-selling Nintendo DSi).

So Sony (NYSE: SNE) is trying rectify that by luring gamers—and more importantly, indie game developers—in with cheap games, as PocketGamer reports that titles for the PSPgo will fall in the $1-$5 range.

Clearly, Sony has been influenced by the iPhone’s success as a gaming device. Most of the games in the App Store hover in that same price range, and there’s no shortage of developers lining up to make games for it (and split 30 percent of their revenues with Apple).

Though there’s no read on whether Sony will offer the same 30/70 rev-share split, a source told PocketGamer that the company was actively trying to get indie developers excited about making games for the PSPgo.

It’s a marked change in strategy for the company, which has typically made it difficult for smaller developers to access its gaming platforms—but the App Store has shown that gamers are willing to pay millions of dollars (in aggregate) for quick, fun-to-play titles from relatively unknown companies. And if the PSPgo has a full roster of low-cost, “must-have” games, then people may be more willing to overlook the hefty price tag up front.


By Tameka Kee
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