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paidContent - ScreenLife Execs Give Casual Games The Hollywood Treatment

This story was written by Tameka Kee.

Take clips from the best Hollywood blockbusters, throw in some addictive game-play, and add a bit of social media—and you get what Exponential Entertainment is hoping will be a winning combination for movie-lovers (and advertisers). The casual games company has gone live with its first set of movie-based games at, and more games for Facebook and the iPhone are coming down the pike, per VentureBeat.

Rival startups like VideoJax (formerly PopJax) and Pangea Media have a head start in terms of traction for their celebrity and pop culture-based online games—but Exponential has a distinct advantage: co-founders Dave Long and Bill Kuper are among the original creators of the Scene It DVD games. Their firm, ScreenLife, sold over 15 million units of the games before being acquired by Paramount Pictures last year.

Like Scene It, the games at HollywoodPlayer are full of licensed clips, still shots and other movie content; game-play options include jigsaw puzzles, hidden objects and spotting differences in specific scenes. The games are currently free and without ads; eventually, Exponential will incorporate sponsorships and offer premium subscriptions. The Seattle-based startup is currently in the process of raising its first round.

By Tameka Kee

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