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paidContent - Turbine Adds $6.6 Million In Funding To Its Gaming War Chest; Raising $50 Million

This story was written by Tameka Kee.

The Lord of the Rings Online publisher Turbine is in fund-raising mode again: the massively-multiplayer online (MMO) gaming company has picked up nearly $6.6 million worth of a posed $50 million fourth round of funding, per an SEC filing.

Turbine’s list of previous backers is lengthy, including biggies like Time Warner, Columbia Capital and GGV; we’re trying to confirm who participated in this new investment.

The game publisher and developer has raised around $88 million in funding since 2003; it has mostly spent money acquiring the rights to various game IP (like Tolkien’s LoTR franchise), and Asheron’s Call from Microsoft. But given the recent interest in in-game payment platforms and virtual commerce companies, Turbine could be prepping for an acquisition—particularly if one of its upcoming games lets players use real money to buy virtual goods.


By Tameka Kee
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