Palin: America Ready for New Revolution

The first ever National Tea Party convention wrapped up this weekend, capped off by a fiery speech from Sarah Palin. But as CBS News Digital Journalist John Bentley reports, will this conservative, grassroots movement become a major player on the national stage, or is the group too splintered to be effective?

"America is ready for another new revolution, and you are a part of this," Palin said.

The revolution, apparently, will be televised. Sarah Palin may not be the actual leader of the Tea Party, but her speech attacking President Obama Showed why she is a guiding force of this conservative movement.

"How's that hope and change working out for you," she asked the crowd.

Washington Unplugged: Tea Party Movement

An official convention, though, turned out to be a little too much change for some Tea Party members. Some in the movement thought the price to attend was too high.

One Tea Bag necklace was selling at $90, and the prices went up from there. A three day ticket cost $549.

The convention's organizer, Judson Phillips said the event wasn't for everyone. "This convention was not geared towards the grassroots and what we normally think of the grassroots, because a tea party, everybody wants to come, and that's fine. This convention was geared towards the leadership."

Palin's Notes on Hand Attract Scrutiny

Those who did make it echoed Palin's concerns about the role of government.

Anger against the current administration is one of the things attendees at this conference can agree on, but there are divisions on many other issues, from social policy to how the money made at this event should be spent.

But the real test on the national level will come later this year, when the Tea Party will see if their brand of conservative candidates can help Republicans take back Congressional seats in the mid-term elections.

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