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Palin's "Going Rogue" Already a Bestseller

(AP Photo/Jeff Topping)
Sarah Palin's forthcoming memoir, "Going Rogue," has reached the top spot on the and Barnes & sales rankings – more than a month and a half before it will hit bookshelves on November 17th.

The ranking is based on preorders of the book by the former Republican presidential candidate and Alaska governor who resigned in July, before the end of her gubernatorial term.

Palin, working with author Lynn Vincent, finished "Going Rogue" more quickly than initially planned, prompting the book's release date to be moved up from the spring. It took the pair about four months to write the 400-page memoir, which her publisher describes as "her words, her life."

The initial printing for the book is currently set for 1.5 million copies, matching the initial printing of Ted Kennedy's memoir, "True Compass."

Palin remains extremely popular with grassroots Republicans, though she may have a harder time attracting those who pay big bucks for lectures: The New York Post ran a story Wednesday, based on anonymous sources, speculating that "the big lecture buyers in the US are paralyzed with fear about booking" Palin because of their perception that she is unintelligent.

It's worth noting that Palin, who is working with the well-regarded Washington Speakers Bureau, was reportedly paid "a sum in the low six figures" for a recent speech in Hong Kong. The Post claims Palin is asking $100,000 per speech.

One of the Post's anonymous sources says lecture venues with subscription series' are wary of the possibility that they will "tick people off" by hosting the controversial former governor, which they worry would prompt people to cancel their subscriptions.

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