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Paparazzo Snaps Shirtless Obama Photo

This post was written by CBS News' Jamie Farnsworth, who is traveling with the president-elect on his Hawaii vacation.

HONOLULU, Hawaii — All eyes are on the Obama transition team as they prepare to release a report on any correspondence with Blagojevich's office… well most eyes.

A handful of paparazzi-style photographers have begun staking out the Obama compound in Kailua, hoping for a glimpse of the president-elect or his family. Yesterday, a few such photos popped up on various websites of the future president as anyone would be on a Hawaiian vacation—shirtless.

For the traveling press corps, a shot like this is never possible. Between the transition staff and secret service agents which follow our every move, cameras are never allowed beyond the big yellow concrete barricades set up down the road from the Obamas' rented hideaway.

But local paparazzi have found a spot on the beach about a hundred yards from the secret service detail where they can sit in lawn chairs with huge zoom lenses on their cameras to get a shirtless picture which they can then sell to the television networks at a hefty price.

Paparazzi are far enough away they don't hear the "come on guys, how many shots do you need?" comments the president-elect gave his traveling press as they snapped pictures of him on a golf course Sunday.

Today, as the president-elect attends a memorial service for his grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, the traveling press corps will stay put on the press bus—the event is closed to press. But you never know about those thrifty campers and their telescopic lenses…


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