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Parenting Tips from the Experts

Ever wonder how a pediatrician keeps her own kids safe or what a nutritionist feeds her own child? Laura Kalehoff, Executive Editor for American Baby went straight to the source and asked the experts for their own personal tips.

The speech therapist says talk up your kids activities. If a baby is holding a cup and hands it to you, that's communication. Respond with "cup" and then pretend to take a sip and say, "Mommy drinks from a cup and now it's your turn to drink." You're teaching your child that her actions-and eventually her words-matter. She'll also be motivated to keep talking to you.

The music teacher says establish a harmonious home. Whether you're at home or in the car, play beats you can enjoy. This signals to your child that music is important and fun. Also, when you go to music class, don't just sit and clap half heartedly. The teacher should inspire you to sing and dance because the energy of the class relies on the oomph the adults bring.

The pediatrician says to keep children safe. Wear helmets all the time. No exceptions ANY TIME even to a neighbor's house down the block. Say no to walkers. A lot of pediatricians hate them. Most walkers are now only available secondhand, but never accept one from someone getting rid of baby gear. The wheels make them extremely dangerous because babies can all too quickly maneuver it to unsafe areas of your house, such as a flight of stairs. A stationary play center is much safer.

Children's television producer says to make learning fun. Kids learn through play, so going over colors at your dining room table is lost on a child. Instead, when you're at the grocery store, ask him to point out the red boxes or count how many yellow jars he sees. Practice numbers as you go up and down the stairs in your house.

Children's book author says to raise a reader. A lot of parents save reading together for bedtime, but you can sprinkle books throughout your day. Stash board books all over your house so that you can grab one at a moment's notice.

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