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Paterson, Israel Met On Dec. 12

New York Gov. David Paterson, who lit out of Albany to make a trip to Iraq and Afghanistan with Senatorial aspirant Rep. Steve Israel, just held a conference call with NY reporters in which he let slip a new nugget: He's already met with Israel in his office on Dec. 12 about the Hillary Clinton Senate seat.

(We missed the advisory and are getting the sound file, so we're relying on a third-party listener)

Then Paterson claimed he and the Long Island Dem made a pre-flight pact not to mutter a word about the Senate during their trip.

We are told the Fred Dicker of the Post then pressed Paterson on Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver's quip that Caroline Kennedy would be beholden to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, her pal, not Paterson, her presumed appointer.

Paterson parried and pointed out, according to our source, that not every Senator appointed by a governor has, in fact, won when they ran for re-election on their own.

More to come.

Here's Silver's very provocative quote from the aforementioned Fred's radio show.

"If I were the governor, and I would look and say she’s obviously a candidacy being promoted by the mayor, by his deputy mayor for political aspirations, who took her around only to mayors around the state, not to any other elected officials, because of his contacts as mayor," Silver said.

"And if I were the governor, I would look and question whether this is the appointment I would want to make," the speaker continued. "Whether her first obligation might be to the mayor of the city of New York rather than the governor who would be appointing her."

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