Peacocks Swarm Couple's Fla. Home

bill and shirley poulos peacock peacocks evening news

Shortly after Bill and Shirley Poulos bought their home in Redlands, Florida, 18 years ago, an unexpected housewarming gift showed up in their front yard.

"It is noisy," said Bill, pointing to squawking peacocks everywhere. "It's frustrating."

It started out as two peacocks, but the pair didn't remain a couple for very long.

"Instead of breed like rabbits, we ought to change that to they breed like peacocks, because trust me, they're running neck and neck."

Now the couple have, at last count, about 130 peacocks, prompting their home to be dubbed the birdie bordello.

If you visit them, don't forget to close the door behind you. CBS News Correspondent Jim Acosta learned that lesson when he saw one of the peacocks attempt to enter the house uninvited.

"If you leave the door open he'll be in here," Bill told Acosta.

And if you're thinking the squawking must be annoying, "try it at two a.m.," said Shirley.

But Shirley jokingly acknowledged one bright spot.

"The good thing is none of our company overstays their welcome; they're gone."

Unfortunately, it's been the peacocks that have overstayed their welcome. While they're certainly not an endangered animal, these proud pests are protected by Florida authorities.

According to the couple, the state basically has told them it's their problem because they are living in the birds' habitat.