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Pelosi Itching for a Fight?

Just a minute Harry Smith blog image CBS

By Harry Smith

Valiant mission or vain glory. Come January Nancy Pelosi will no longer be Speaker of the House. But, she made her intentions clear. She wants to be The House Minority Leader. The cheers you heard were ringing throughout Republican districts. For there was no bigger target during the mid-term campaign than Madam Speaker. Republicans will have a ready repository for their slings and arrows and one wonders if Ms. Pelosi is aware of what a lightning rod she has become. As minority leader, will she be an asset or a liability to the president? Surely she believes she owes the democratic base its due representation. The problem with the democratic Congress was that it was perceived as steamrolling its legislative priorities. It had the numbers. It did its will. Now the Republicans have the numbers. And what its new members believe is a clear mandate. Is some conciliation in order? Or is Ms. Pelosi itching for a fight?

Just a Minute...I'm Harry Smith, CBS News.

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