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Perfect Parent - NOT!

Susan Koeppen CBS

By Susan Koeppen

As a mom of three, I would love to be a perfect parent. But it's impossible. Truly. I've tried, but I've realized that you can't do it all. When I was a kid I always wondered why my mom drove me to school in her pajamas on occasion. Now as a parent, I know. She was exhausted! And just trying to make it all work. Between kids, and work, and keeping up my home -- there aren't enough hours in the day.

The other night I was at gymnastics with my son when I heard one mom say to another mom, "Wow you look great, you even did you hair." The other mom responded, " I haven't washed my hair in four days."

YES! I'M NOT ALONE! That was my reaction.

Other moms are running themselves ragged too and just trying their best to make it work. Because I'm on TV, America gets to see the very polished "me". But truth be told, I walk in looking like a zombie and a makeup artist and hair stylist make me look better. I'm lucky. Several days a week, I don't look like I rolled out of bed. The other days -- not so much.

If perfect parenting exists, let's just say I haven't found it yet. But, you know, I'm doing my best. So what, that I forgot it was the letter "F" show and tell day at school and I gave my son a five dollar bill because he didn't bring anything. So what, that my daughter got her hair caught in the vacuum cleaner because I let her little brother run around with it, never dreaming he'd put it on her head. So what that my youngest child has a dread-lock because I forgot to comb his hair for a few days. Nothing a little hair conditioner and a good brush can't fix.

I'm giving myself a break from trying to be perfect, and I think other parents should stop trying to be perfect, too. Now I feel better, how about you?

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